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What you've stumbled upon is a rare collaborative of inspired, talented photographers who believe in community over competition. If you're a kindred spirit, you'll probably feel at home here. So kick off your shoes, grab a cup of coffee, and get to know all about us.



You believe that beautiful natural moments are more important than shot lists. Your priorities are getting married to the person you adore and having a wonderful time with family and friends. Everything else is gravy. (you’re one of those crazy free spirits, aren’t you?) We’ve got you covered.  Keep reading.


You believe that photographing a wedding is more than just finding inspiration on Pinterest. It’s an exciting, beautiful adventure – but it’s hard work and an incredible responsibility. And in the end it makes your soul happy. You’ve found a tribe with us.  Click the camera icon above to learn more.



our wish for you

We believe that it is time to hit refresh on wedding photography.

Too often, engaged couples are swept into a whirlwind of trends and expectations – a whirlwind that takes the spontaneity out of a day that is often beautifully unscripted. We are delighted after every wedding to find *the* shot – the perfect shot that summarizes the feeling of the day. And that shot is never the shot the was planned or posed for.

The method behind our photographic madness is an exceedingly simple one: mutual trust, our client’s confidence in our abilities, and the freedom they feel to be themselves in front of the camera.

Once our clients feel that they can focus on simply enjoying the day instead of thinking about acting or posing a certain way, then the truth of that day – the happiness and love of the celebration – will find its way into our images.

We are inspired by you. Bring your personality and let’s do this.

— Pavel + Jessie Stehlik, Founders



our collections


Pavel + Jessie Stehlik are the founders of FotoBohemia.  They have photographed weddings for 25+ years, and are the lead instructors for FotoBohemia photographers. Pavel’s background in documentary photography + Jessie’s love for all things pretty make them a powerhouse team in the wedding photography world.


Our Principle Photographers are associate photographers that you can choose in advance for your date. With 5+ years of experience, they are our top tier of associate photographers. You will be able to view their portfolio prior to booking. They bring all the best qualities to the table: style, experience + personality.


Our Associate Photographers have 3+ years of experience, believe in the ideals of FotoBohemia, and share our modern style + love for people. Your photographer is assigned 2 months before your wedding, and you can meet them via Skype or FaceTime so that you can develop a relationship before your wedding.


Our Apprentices are the talented next generation of wedding photographers with 1-2 years of experience. They share our style, and with the training from our instructors they are excited and ready to document your day. Just like our Associate Collection, you can get to know them via Skype or FaceTime 2 months before your wedding.


all collections include…

• 7 Hours of consecutive wedding day coverage by your chosen photographer
• A Minimum of 400 custom edited photographs
• Digital negatives presented within 4 weeks
• A private proofing website to view your images and share with friends + family
• A convenient download of the high resolution images online
• A personal usage license that allows you to make your own reprints
• All wedding images backed up for 5 years in case files are lost or damaged

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reserve your wedding date

You love us?? We feel the same about you! To reserve a photographer for your date, we require a retainer in the amount of 1/2 of the total of your collection amount, a signed contract, and the naming rights to your firstborn child. (Just kidding about the naming rights. But about everything else we're super serious.) As soon as we receive the retainer and signed contract, we will hold your date! And much squealing and happiness will commence.

Let's do this!

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this we believe

There is a lot of cynicism in the photography industry, mainly because of the belief that it is saturated with new photographers who don't understand the responsibility involved in photography or take the time to learn either the craft or the business.

And while this may hold some truth, the fact is that each new generation of photographers brings an excitement, enthusiasm, and refreshed approach to photography that should be celebrated, not criticized. With the proper tools and education, we can raise the bar and help both these photographers *and* their clients.

FotoBohemia is a community of photographers who learn from and inspire one another - and the clients that hire us know that we come with fresh eyes and open hearts.


what we offer


We offer 4 Boot Camps per year, as well as 2 Advanced Education seminars. Our topics range from gear to ethics and everything in-between. Boot Camps are open to anyone and are intense training sessions for newer photographers. Advanced Education seminars bring our Associate Photographers to the next level of expertise.


We’ve given you the tools of knowledge, but by working with us you gain the experience necessary to grow your business. While styled photoshoots are fun, they in no way prepare you for the real life of wedding photography. You can only learn that on the job working with people more experienced that can guide you every step of the way.  


“If you’re lucky enough to do well, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down.” – Kevin Spacey. If you’re part of the FotoBohemia tribe, you’ve benefited from the knowledge you’ve gained while you were here. As an Associate, you’ll help the next generation that comes along. It’s your turn to inspire. Be awesome.


You’re free to run your own business while working with us. You’re free to shoot in a modern, non-traditional style. In fact, that’s why we like you. You’re free to ask questions. We have lots of answers – even to questions you didn’t ask. (For example, did you know that most lipstick contains fish scales?  Now you do.  You’re welcome and I’m sorry.)


how to join

To join the FotoBoho tribe, a photographer must have the following:

- A portfolio that shows a style consistent with the FotoBoho style.
- A Business License.
- Business Insurance.
- Backup Photography Equipment.
- An awesome eye and awesome personality.
- A love of ALL people. We happily book same-sex weddings,
and our photographers must be comfortable with that.

Ya dig?

Yep. Let's do it.


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FotoBohemia WeddingWire Couples Choice Award Winner 2017   Couples love us! See our reviews on The Knot.      Artfully Wed    FotoBohemia WeddingWire Couples Choice Award Winner 2018


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Let's have one. We are easy to reach - 813-695-2441, studio@fotobohemia.com, or simply message us using the contact form below. We can’t wait to hear all the details!